To get the most out of the Knowledge Exchange Library, you should sign up for an account. Please review this page to learn more about the benefits of registering for an account and for instructions on how to register. If you have any questions, please contact a librarian.

Benefits of Having a Library User Account

Bookmarks: Registered users can bookmark resources within the Library collections to save for later use.

Resource Sharing: Registered users can share resources with others via email. (Please note that the recipient may need to be registered for a library account to access the resource).

Resource Submissions: Registered users can submit resources to the Library via the resource submission process.

Email Alerts: Registered users can sign up to receive email alerts when new resources are added to the Library. Users can choose which collections they wish to be updated on.

For more information on the benefits of having a user account, please see this video:


How to Register for a Library User Account – Unemployment Insurance Staff Members

If you are an Unemployment Insurance staff member at the Federal or state level, you must first have an account with the Unemployment Insurance Community of Practice (UICoP). If you do not have a UICoP account, please register through the WorkforceGPS website.

Once you have access to and are logged into the UICoP portion of the WorkforceGPS website, click on “Integrity.” 


After you click on “Integrity,” a window will pop up, informing you that you will be leaving the WorkforceGPS website. Click “OK” on this box.

After clicking “OK,” you will be taken to the Integrity Center website. Click on “Integrity Knowledge Exchange.” 

Integrity Center

Click on “Library.” 

Integrity Knowledge Exchange

You should now be logged into the Library. If you have any questions, please contact a librarian.

How to Register for a Library User Account – All Other Users

At the top of any page within the Library, click on “Non-UI User Login/Register.” 

Non-UI login

Click on “Click here to register.”

Click here to register

Fill in the form and click “Request account.” A librarian will activate the account as soon as possible between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EDT.